Dr. Patty Malone is a sought after speaker and corporate trainer. Her trainings are customized for executive leadership as well as front-line employees.  


All topics offered as presentations and interactive trainings and are customized to your company or group.

Is your company losing money because of communication breakdowns and mistakes? You’re not alone. Research indicates companies waste $37 billion a year due to miscommunication and misunderstandings. Dr. Patty Malone’s dynamic presentations show you how to avoid costly mistakes through clearer workplace communication.

Her talks and workshops give you the tools to increase productivity and profitability, build bridges across silos, clear up and prevent miscommunication across teams and departments, navigate organizational change, defuse conflict and handle difficult people, improve team-building, deliver dynamite presentations, and achieve clearer communication throughout your company. You’ll learn how to create a supportive, empowering communication environment that prevents mistakes, builds trust, strengthens relationships, increases productivity, reduces absenteeism and turnover, creates satisfied long-term customers, fosters high job satisfaction and happy employees − and ultimately increases profits.

Presentations and Interactive Trainings for Businesses and Associations Include:

Increase Productivity and Profitability Through Clear Communication

Unclear communication costs companies millions of dollars every year in wasted time, decreased productivity, missed deadlines, and employee turnover. This presentation shows companies where and how these communication breakdowns are likely to occur, from simple, everyday communication to major projects, and how to avert them. Stop wasting time and money due to miscommunication and misunderstandings.

Bridge the Silos: Communicate to Connect Across Teams

Do you have communication breakdowns and misunderstanding across teams? Does one team make a decision that impacts other teams and not clearly communicate it to them ahead of time? This presentation shows you how to open up communication across teams, bridge the silos, and shift the silo mindset to create a sense of cohesion and unity throughout the company. It will help your teams avert costly communication mistakes and develop strong collaborative skills for better problem-solving and decision-making.

Dealing with Difficult People: The Power of Clear Communication

Do you cringe knowing you are going to have to work with certain people? Do you feel like you want to avoid them at all costs? Clear communication can make the difference between a pleasant and a toxic environment, and between difficult and productive employees. Difficult people negatively impact productivity, morale, job satisfaction, and relationships with clients, all of which impact your bottom line. A small shift in how you are communicating with them can make a major impact on their behaviors and lead to a positive outcome. This in turn helps create a culture and work environment where people want to be.

Turn Destructive Conflict into Cooperation

Is conflict interfering with employee job satisfaction, slowing down production, and making the workplace environment unpleasant? Are people arguing, having personality clashes, or are some employees just difficult to work with? Conflict is contagious and can have a powerful negative impact on a company’s image. This presentation shows what steps to take to defuse conflict before it gets out of hand and how to turn destructive conflict into constructive conflict, which strengthens relationships, helps people get along, and improves the working environment.

Transform Resistance into Support During Organizational Change

Would you like to get employees on board when making a change in your organization instead of having them fight you every step of the way? Whether you’re introducing a new technology, a change in management, or a major restructuring or merger, employee reaction can make or break the success of the transition. Learn how and when to communicate the change, how to gain employee support, and how to avoid communication mistakes that alienate the workforce.

Backstabbing and Envy in the Workplace: Taming the Toxic Environment

Has someone at work ever stabbed you in the back? Do you work with anyone that is envious of you and out to get you? Backstabbing behaviors and envy in the workplace can be toxic and create an environment where people do not want to be. When employees exhibit behaviors such as spreading rumors, telling lies, taking credit for someone else’s work or ideas, sabotaging coworkers or the company, withholding information, or telling you one thing to your face and then doing something else behind your back, it infects the team and typically impacts other departments as well. This presentation will show you how to put a stop to this before it tears teams apart and damages morale.

The Power of Clear Communication: Connect with Confidence Outside the Courtroom (for Attorneys)Do you and your coworkers ever have trouble communicating with each other? Do you wonder why because you know you have strong and persuasive communication skills in the courtroom? Consider that what works powerfully and effectively in the courtroom may not work the same way with your staff and associates. The impact of communication breakdowns and misunderstandings in the workplace shows up as damaged relationships and morale, increased conflict, alienated colleagues and staff, decreased job satisfaction and productivity, and unhappy employees. This presentation shows you how to communicate clearly, eliminate damaging communication mistakes, and substantially strengthen connections and relationships with your staff and associates beyond the courtroom.

Create Cohesive and Productive Teams

Are your team members making decisions and solving problems at peak efficiency to meet your organization’s needs and goals? You’ll learn what communication barriers can slow teams down, how to avert them, and how to stimulate critical, creative, and innovative thinking for better solutions. Specific steps are given to improve brainstorming and avoid groupthink, which can have expensive and dangerous consequences. You’ll learn how to build a team that communicates clearly, works more efficiently, and produces better results in a timely manner, which will save your company money.

Powerful Presentations: Simplify Complex Information

Do you have a technical or complex message you need to convey to an audience who may have trouble understanding it? Oftentimes the message is clear to the presenter, but not to the audience. This presentation shows companies how to present complex information clearly and concisely, and how to make complicated material simple and easy to understand. It also helps shy employees to speak with confidence, captivate the audience, and produce intended results, which translates into increased profitability.

Additional “In-Demand” Training Topics

  • Giving and Receiving Positive and Negative Feedback
  • Conducting Effective Meetings (Face-to-Face and Virtual)
  • Building Strong Virtual Teams
  • Leadership: Engage Your Teams
  • Introvert and Extrovert Communication: Bring out the Best in Both

Dr. Malone’s Speaking Topics and Sample Videos