Is Miscommunication Costing Your Company Money?

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Keynotes & Programs

Dr. Patty Malone is a sought after speaker and corporate trainer. Her trainings are customized for executive leadership as well as front-line employees.

Communication Videos

Dr. Patty Malone provides valuable workplace communication training tips for corporations and individuals in her one minute Smart Tips video series.

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Do you need a keynote speaker for your business conference? Dr. Patty Malone is available to speak for your organization. Her talks help decrease workplace miscommunication.

What sets Dr. Patty Malone apart from other communication speakers and trainers?

  • Extensive experience as a speaker and corporate trainer
  • Teaches (professor) and researches (Ph.D.) communication issues in organizations
  • Worked in corporate America with firsthand experience in what works (powerful communication) and what doesn’t work (poor communication)
  • Presentations and Interactive Trainings customized to your company, group, and industry, no “Cookie Cutter” programs
  • Communication not viewed as “just a soft skill” but important factor that impacts bottom line

Clear communication skills help companies save time & money

Is your company wasting time and money due to miscommunication and misunderstanding?

What impact would it have if your teams were working together as a unified whole instead of functioning as silos?