Recent reviews from Dr. Malone’s training show that participants received tremendous value in the training.

100% of the participants said that they gained value in her training, that they feel more prepared with their leadership skills and they are more prepared to build a strong company after receiving her training.


“Patty did a great job speaking at our HR Star Conference at the L.A. Convention Center. She scored a 91% approval rate, which I consider pretty amazing for a first time speaker at our conference and L.A. is the most critical of all our conference cities. It is very rare a first time speaker gets scores anywhere near 80%, let alone 91%, including speakers I’ve had for years. In my opinion she’s right up there at the top for best presenter and we will definitely have her back at our conferences in both Los Angeles and San Francisco. Congratulations are definitely in order!”  Braden Albert, President — HR Star Conference


“Dr. Patty Malone’s engaging training has driven solid communication skills to the forefront of our management staff. Managers say they feel stronger and more confident in their careers and overall they’ve become more involved with their teams and other departments within the company. Among the top benefits of the training is communication has become stronger, more frequent, and has increased productivity with projects that involve multiple teams.

Clear Communication Training has been so very beneficial for the management staff, that we are now doing further training for the teams and continued ongoing training for stronger management and leadership.” Nancy Dewing, HR Director — Capario

“Dr. Patty Malone was a Great Trainer. Her message and examples were exactly what my managers and I  needed to hear. She was truly one of the best trainers we had all year. Our evaluations showed what we needed to work on as a team. She was professional, knowledgeable and she involved the audience with her exercises and discussion. I’d definitely suggest Dr. Malone for group presentations or training!” Rishi Sharma, General Manager — Q-SEE

Law Firms

“Patty Malone did a terrific MCLE session for our attorneys on Clear Communication.  They were able to relate to Dr. Malone and got some exceptional tips and tricks to improve their ability to communicate with staff and others.  Her presentation was upbeat, easy to follow and even easier to implement.  I know everyone got a lot from her. Amy Freeman, MA, SPHR, Director of HR & Administration — La Follette, Johnson, DeHaas, Fesler & Ames Law Firm


“Dr. Patty Malone was a terrific speaker. Her message was exactly what our entrepreneurs needed to hear. She was truly one of the best speakers we had all year. Our evaluations showed she was the highest rated speaker we had.  She was professional, knowledgeable and she involved the audience with her exercises and discussion. I’d definitely suggest Dr. Malone for group presentations or training!” Lisa Bollow, Executive Managing Director — eWomenNetwork Orange County Chapter


“When you get Dr. Patty Malone you get more-much more value and results than you expect. She is everything you want a guest speaker to be; knowledgeable of the topic, great at holding the interest of the audience, humorous in her delivery of the information, interactive, and welcomed questions. The staff was completely engaged by Patty and after the session surrounded her to ask further questions. I would not hesitate to recommend her as a speaker for any organization.”  Brigid Stancin  HR Manager — Encompass Digital Media, Inc.


“Dr. Patty Malone was a phenomenal speaker, paying consistent attention to her audience, engaging and interacting with them throughout her speaking engagement. Her content was relevant to the industry and the audience in the room. I personally appreciated her flexibility, adaptability and teamwork through the normal chaos of the day at the conference. I highly recommend Dr. Patty Malone as a speaker.” Divya Burton, Senior Consultant/Owner — GRIDS Consulting


“This session was one of the most enjoyable training sessions I’ve ever had. Today’s training helped me reinforce management skills that may be dormant because of routine day to day work. I feel empowered to tackle an issue that I have been wrestling with and I can use this as a guide.” Beverly Gunter, Manager Quality Assurance — Capario

Architectural Firm

“We really appreciated Dr. Patty Malone coming to speak to us. Not only was she engaging and informative, her presentation gave us real and practical applications that we could use to improve our professional and even ersonal relationships. We would strongly encourage others to invite dr. Malone to speak to them.” Caleb Wong — CC Architects


“Interesting and very helpful! Lots of constructive tips!”  Leonora Yetter, Attorney — La Follette, Johnson, DeHaas, Fesler & Ames Law Firm

“I liked the speed and tempo of the presentation. It was enjoyable and engaging.”  Cameron Holmes, Attorney — La Follette, Johnson, DeHaas, Fesler & Ames Law Firm